Did You Know MRO Analytics Transformation is the future key for your airlines to thrive?

Did You Know MRO Analytics Transformation is the future key for your airlines to thrive?

Time to Rethink

To stay competitive in any business or industry, one must continually evolve and maybe even “re-invent” oneself or business.  MRO Analytics Transformation in the aviation industry is no exception and perhaps even more important than ever to sustain and grow. The MRO portion of the aerospace industry is an excellent example of how this transformation enabled colossal growth and profitability for those who could figure out the right enablers by leveraging state-of-the-art aircraft technologies.
The value or economic benefit is realized from improved asset availability, reduced maintenance and inspections, less unplanned maintenance, and improved efficiency. This realized value will enable airlines, OEMs, Distributors, and MROs to move from a reactive approach to a proactive approach in crucial decision making and planning, which will continue to drive growth and opportunities in our industry.

Moving from Reactive to Predictive

The use of RFID tags and integrated sensors to test temperature, pressure, and flow could be better implemented to retrieve key data and sent to an analytics-based maintenance software program to enable better decision-making and comprehensive planning, thus improving operating efficiency. A transformation from being reactive to predictive would then improve an aircraft’s TDR or technical dispatch reliability as well as more accurately determine spares provisioning and drive a reduction in planned and unplanned maintenance costs.
As this MRO predictive movement evolves, the reliability of aircraft systems and technologies will improve. The predictive data and analytics will be used to design the next generation of aircraft systems. The intrinsic value will be the ability to predict component failures better, thus reducing unplanned costs and events.


TOPCAST is in an excellent position to be your enabler for MRO analytics transformation because we provide various components to the end-user and have repair and overhaul capabilities. It serves some level of root cause analytics that could drive change to future aircraft system designs. The TOPCAST value proposition would be realized through improved efficiency and a path to increased proactive decision-making across the aircraft supply chain.