Topcast Deepens Strategic Partnership With Honeywell Aerospace as Exclusive Distributor of Nitrogen Generation System and Sensors Components in China

Topcast Deepens Strategic Partnership With Honeywell Aerospace as Exclusive Distributor of Nitrogen Generation System and Sensors Components in China

Hong Kong SAR, October 19, 2021 – Topcast Aviation Supplies Co., Ltd. (“Topcast”), a global leader in aircraft parts distribution and MRO services, announced today that a new five-year distributor agreement signed with Honeywell Aerospace, covering the exclusive distribution of Nitrogen Generation Systems (NGS) and sensors components in China. 

By pioneering NGS, Honeywell Aerospace is the first fully FAA-certified fuel tank inerting solution for commercial aircraft. The NGS, consisting of a thermal control system, an air separation module system and a control system, delivers nitrogen-enriched air (NEA) to the aircraft center wing fuel tank, significantly reducing the oxygen content in the tank to ensure an inert atmosphere. The system installation can minimize fuel tank igniting sources, flammability exposure and prevent catastrophic fuel tank explosions under high pressure or overtemperature. 

Paul Nef, Strategic Account Director (Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan) of Honeywell Aerospace, commented “Topcast was first appointed as an exclusive distributor of Honeywell B737NG mechanical parts in April 2021 for all China-based airline customers. Since that time, we have appreciated Topcast’s strong performance in sales of parts and relationships with customer airlines. This new appointment of NGS and sensors is an expansion of their exclusive distributorship in the assigned territory. We look forward to continuing and exploring further opportunities through our collaboration with Topcast.” 

“Honeywell has been a leading integrator of NGS for more than a decade. It’s our greatest pleasure to strengthen our partnership with Honeywell Aerospace after five months of initial collaboration on the exclusive B737 product line. This addition is a testament to the affirmative cooperation for both parties,” said Topcast’s Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Craig Winfrey. “We are pleased to have these two exclusive lines on board to strengthen our position as the leading distributor in Asia. At Topcast, we continue to pursue a customer-centric approach by supplying top-tier solutions and products to exceed their expectations.” 

In July 2008, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that all new aircraft are mandatory to include NGS to reduce the risk of center fuel tank fires in the Advisory Circular 120-98A. Honeywell Aerospace is leading the way in NGS advancements that improve the system’s performance, extend service lifecycle and reduce operational and maintenance costs. 

Honeywell Aerospace has over 50 years of experience in developing systems and equipment for aircraft environmental control. Both its hardware and software solutions create more reliable and sustainable flights and safer skies. 

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