Did you know solid distribution networks are indispensable for OEM aftermarket performance?

Did you know solid distribution networks are indispensable for OEM aftermarket performance?

Adaptability is Crucial

All aviation professionals are familiar with the ever-occurring cyclic trends. At times, soaring activity levels can be surpassed by a crisis in just one day. This fact is a part of navigating the business – both from an airline and an OEM perspective.
Amid a solid and consolidating period for the industry, the current crisis came basically from one day to the next. The industry faced, arguably, the worst crisis seen in modern times. Demand has fluctuated drastically over the last 12 to 15 months, and the uptake of products. Moreover, the requirements from the end-users, including airlines and MROs, have changed significantly. It is not the first time we see this change, and it probably won’t be the last.

Aftermarket Support Remains Key for OEMs

The massive oscillations in demand affect OEMs’ ability to control production rates, raw material planning, inventory levels, lead times, and price points in the aftermarket. Partnerships with a trustworthy and well-established distributor are essential. At TOPCAST, we focus on four deliverables to our OEM partners, including

• Optimized Revenue
• Stable Production Forecasts
• Improved Cash Flow
• Better Product Availability

TOPCAST is one of the most consolidated and largest Asian-based distributors in the world. Combining this with the significant advantage of our global organizational footprint, we are in a position to deliver stable forecasts on behalf of our end-users. OEM partners can optimize the entire supply and value chain to gain market share, even in a potentially non-core market. Through our strong customer network, we invest in our OEM partners’ products and provide the materials to the end-users wherever and whenever.

A Glance at the Future

TOPCAST is continuously sharpening the touchpoints with all stakeholders. We see the near future being driven by predictive demand logarithms, artificial intelligence, and dynamic ways of exchanging goods and services in the aviation aftermarket. That is why we invest heavily in the newest technologies to support our most valuable asset, namely being close to the customer. Combining various autonomous solutions with human interfaces will provide our OEM partners with a unique value proposition, boosting revenues, reducing risks, and improving production efficiency and market penetration.

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