Senior Executive Sharing: Effective Leadership and Performance

Senior Executive Sharing: Effective Leadership and Performance

As one year ends and another begins, the hard work of performance evaluations begins. I hope to share my perspective and experience of the association between effective leadership and performance at TOPCAST.

The Way We Lead

TOPCAST leaders continue to delve into the concepts of effective and ineffective leadership, as well as the impact of leaders on their team’s performance. Our leaders consider corporate culture as a way of defining and driving performance in their specific organisations. There are psychological and behavioural traits that are associated with effective leaders, and many different styles and approaches to leadership.

How does TOPCAST view “effectiveness”?

Our definition is closely related to our vision, mission, goals, objectives, and company values.
TOPCAST views effectiveness in its ability to connect, protect, explore, and inspire.  The leaders do this by delivering superior value to its customers, employees, shareholders, and partners. In order to make sure the organization can be successful and effective; the leaders expect their employees to maintain certain behaviors. Some of those behaviors touch on how one is to lead their teams.

Empowerment to Staff

The expectation from our leaders is for each manager to lead with passion and invest in the team with collaboration and integrity with a high sense of mentorship and professional development.  When it comes to our customers and suppliers, it is a matter of making them a priority and win with speed and agility. By embracing these behaviors, it is like that results will be delivered with excellence at the highest standards and quality.

Organizational Development and Performance

What role do TOPCAST leaders play in driving performance in your organisation? TOPCAST leaders define standards, set goals and objectives, and apply formal procedures in measuring these goals. They are also responsible for leading by example and building a strong organisational culture of collaboration and integrity.
Organizational performance, according to our executive leadership team, is based on maintaining an overall organizational health philosophy.  When it comes to setting standards, goals, and overall objectives, it is important to note that the team is independent.  It is critical to make sure they build a strong organizational culture by having a cohesive leadership team that creates objectivity with clarity, communicate that clarity, and execute strategies with clarity.

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